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Risky Business

Bail Bonds are Risky Business

A bail bondsman is in the business of taking risks. He or she chooses to financially vouch for the character of an alleged criminal. Bail bonds are an amount of money determined by the courts according to the type or particular crime allegedly committed. Bail bonds represent an agreement between the bond agent and the defendant (alleged criminal) and his or her family or friends that the defendant will return for their impending day in court.

Bail amounts are set by the court. Bail bonds represent the criminal activity of a particular jurisdiction and the courts that reside therein. There are several factors which can also affect the adjustment to amounts on an individual basis according to the state. The severity of crime committed separates bail in the hundreds from that in the hundred thousands. Further, the presence of pre-existing prosecutions or concurrent charges will affect the possibility and amounts of bail set. Lastly, the likelihood of flight risk is of constant concern for the courts, prosecutors and bail bondsman who offer and pay the amount. Even after bail payment there is still the risk of the defendant not showing up. This is when the bond agent looses their risked money. So why do it? What is there to get out of it, from the bond agent’s perspective?

Bail bonds have factors similar to that of a loan. All participating state’s bail bondsman receive a type of guarantor fee, known as a premium, of predominantly 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount, on top of the bail for each bond granted. The lending is determined by credit worthiness. When the defendant is not able to receive the funds with his or her own credit this is when friends step in to act as co-signers applying their good credit to secure the bond. Yet, the defendant’s and the defendant’s family’s credit are not the only means of convincing the local bail bondsman of one’s financial worthiness of the risk. Collateral is often used as a means of surety for the bail payment. The defendant or his or her relatives may use expensive personal property such as car deeds, real estate deeds of trust, homeowner’s warranty, or jewelry as such a means of collateral.

In the financial investment area of business it is quite often quoted that “the greater the risk, the greater the return.” However, a bail bondsman is not investing in a lucrative business venture, the bond agent is investing in a defendant’s character to show up and face the crimes for which he or she is being charged. Insofar as any benefits to the agent, the defendant’s bond is only allowed by state to receive a premium between 10 and 15 percent of the bail amount. Once the defendant’s court date arrives, and he or she meets the appointment Business Management Articles, the bail is returned to the bond agent. The defendant has merely paid for time with credit or collateral.

Bail Bond Agents

Bail Bond Agents

The court system is expensive. Along with raising bail you must also consider court cost and the cost of hiring a defense attorney. This can put considerable strain on a family and add to the already emotional atmosphere. In many cases the cost is just too much for a defendant or family to handle. In such instances, Lucky Bail Bonds Riverside can act as a co-signer to post the bail for the defendant, a relative, or a close family friend. If everything works out, you could pay as little as 10% of the bail amount and provide a collateral to the bail agent for the rest of the amount. Using a Lucky Bail Riverside agent allows you or your loved one to be out of custody until the day of the trail in court. Your life will go back to normal again till your day in court. The bail agent will provide for the many of the defendant’s needs to ensure that the defendant appears before the court as and when summoned. They should always be sure of the defendant’s whereabouts and should be able to locate the defendant in case of forfeit.

Lucky Bail Riverside agents can provide the co-signer or the defendant with the receipts and copies of all signed documents and the information regarding the status of the bond and changes, if any, in assigned court dates. This will include clear documentation regarding the status of any court imposed costs due. The bail agent must be able to provide the timely return of collateral upon exoneration of the bond.

Lucky Bail Riverside agents will explain the total amount of the bond, plus the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in connection to the transaction. The amount of the bail bond has to be determined by the court. The co-signer is responsible in the case of an absconding defendant. The co-signer will be responsible for all the expenses incurred while searching for the defendant. The co-signer must be employed and must be living in the same area for some time, in the event a collateral is not provided.

The prerequisites for become a bail bond agent consist of first being a citizen of the United States or resident alien and must be 18 years of age and either. Must complete the training and complete the test. The applicant must have no criminal record in any jurisdiction for the past ten years. The application, classes, and test aren’t cheap.

Bicycle Safety Traffic Enforcement Operation Planned for Riverside

Riverside Police Department will step up bicycle safety enforcement operations tomorrow, May 22 – 23, 2018, with focused enforcement on collision-causing factors involving motorists and bike riders. A special patrol will be deployed to crack down on drivers and bicyclists who violate traffic laws meant to protect all roadway users.

The department has mapped out locations from over the past 3 years where bicycle involved collisions have occurred and noted the violations that led to those crashes. Officers will be looking for violations made by drivers and bike riders alike that can lead to life changing injuries.

Bicycle fatalities are rising in California as more people use bicycling for commuting, exercise and recreation. Locally, Riverside Police Department has investigated 295 fatal and injury collisions involving bike riders during the past three (3) years.

California witnessed 147 bicyclist deaths in 2016, accounting for over four percent of all traffic fatalities, much higher than the national average of over two percent. Nationally, 70 percent of all bicyclists who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015 died in urban area crashes. Over a 10-year period (2006 to 2015), the average age of cyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes has steadily increased from 41 to 45.

The following safety tips can save lives and stop this tragedy witnessed far too often in Riverside:

  •  ‘Share the road’ with bicyclists
  • Be courteous; California law now mandates at least three feet of clearance when passing a bike riders
  • Look for cyclists before opening a car door or pulling out from a parking space
  • Yield to cyclists at intersections and as directed by signs and signals
  • Be especially watchful for riders when making turns, either left or right


  • Wear properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride. If under 18 years of age, it’s the law
  • A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash
  • Riders are considered vehicle operators; they are required to obey the same rules of the road as other vehicle operators, including obeying traffic signs, signals, and lane markings.
  • When cycling in the street, cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Bicyclists should increase their visibility to drivers by wearing fluorescent or brightly colored clothing during the day, at dawn and dusk
  • To be noticed when riding at night, the law requires a front light and a red reflector to the rear
  • For additional safety, use a flashing rear light, and use retro-reflective tape or markings on equipment or clothing

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Sergeant Eric Detmer
Riverside Police Department
Phone: 951.351.6046

Lake Elsinore Police Make Arrest

A 29 year old male was arrested at the Lake Elsinore LA Fitness on May 3rd,2018. The had been breaking in to lockers and removing personal property. A flier had been put up in the gym of the suspected thief back in April when first reports of theft was made. At that time the haul included wallets, wedding bands, and a laptop computer among other things. He was then spotted by a member on May 3rd who notified the desk. They then notified the Lake Elsinore Police Department.

This is the perfect example of a guy who needs to have Lucky Bail Bond on his speed dial. Lucky Bail Bond Riverside has a 24 hour hotline. You can can call and talk to a qualified bail bondsman 24/7.

He was seen by the member opening lockers and removing wallets. Club employees helped in the detention of the suspect until he could be taken by a uniformed officer to the Lake Elsinore Police Station.

After a search warrant was issued, the police search the suspects domicile and recovered property from thefts at other LA Fitness locations. The investigation still continues, and if you believe that you may have been a victim of this locker thief, contact the Lake Elsinore Sheriffs Department at (951) 245-3300 and ask to speak with Lead Investigator Carranza.

It took less than 2 weeks for the thief to get caught. And with the the proper bail bondsman he can be out in an hour. If your thinking about being a criminal, do yourself a favor, put Lucky Bail Bond Riverside on your contact list. We cover the southern California and can help you.

LAKE ELSINORE — April 24, 2018

LAKE ELSINORE  — Early afternoon on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 around 12:40 p.m., deputies received a call that 37-year-old Brian Chiaffino of Moreno Valley was allegedly trying to break into a woman’s home possibly with the attempt to commit a burglary and was in violation of a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order which was placed against him recently by the woman.  Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chad Thompson said that the suspect, Brian Chiaffino, was attempting to break into the woman’s home in the 28000 block of Haygood Way in unincorporated Lake Elsinore.  Upon arrival, the officers recognized that the suspect was wanted for a felony warrant (although details have not been specified regarding the felony warrant).  When they tried to approach Brian Chiaffino, he took off running as fast as he could and he ran inside a store in the 29000 block of Central Avenue near Dexter and was trying to hide from police.  The shopping center was encircled by deputies and a K-9 unit entered in which quickly led to his captivity and arrest without resistance.  There were no injuries during the hunt and the capture of the suspect Brian Chiaffino.

The suspect, Brian Chiaffino, has been booked into Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta, California and Lucky Bail Bonds located in Riverside, California is known to help suspects such as Brian Chiaffino to get out of jail quickly and confidentially without hassle.  Lucky Bail Bonds has been in business for at least 20 years and are able to get people out of jail when it seems almost impossible.  Lucky Bail Bonds are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never close.  A qualified licensed agent is always available to help anyone in any unfortunate circumstance such as Brian Chiaffino’s case.

What is a Bail Bond?

What is a Bail Bond?

What is a Bail?

To understand what a bail bond is we must first understand what bail is. The Websters dictionary defines bail as:
The temporary release of a prisoner in exchange for security given for the prisoner’s appearance at a later hearing.

It’s quite simple, the defendant says he wants to get out of jail till the trial. The judge has to consider whether or not the defendant will show-up for the trial. So the judge says you have to put up something to loose in case skip town. If the judge feels that the defendant will not show up for trial no matter what, he may deny bail and keep the defendant in custody till the trial.

So, how does a judge calculate the mail amount? Most jurisdictions has a bail scale chart that was made by the their judicial branch of government. Most also allow total flexibility in how the judge may interpret the chart, and usually supply a sliding scale and formulas to help him get the right amount for each crime and each defendant.

Now we know what bail is.

So the judge just told you that your bail is $30,000. If you have the money you can take it out of the bank and post your bail. For the average Joe that’s a lot of green. That’s when the bail bondsman comes in.

What is a Bond?

Now for the second part of the term of bail bond, “Bond”. Websters says a bond is:

  1. A binding agreement.
  2.  Something that binds or restrains.
  3.  A binding agreement.
  4. A uniting or binding element or force.
  5. An obligation made binding by a forfeit of money; also : the amount of the money guarantee.
  6. The systematic lapping of brick in a wall.
  7. The state of goods made, stored, or transported under the care of an agency until the duties or taxes on them are paid.
  8. A 100-proof straight whiskey aged at least four years under government supervision before being bottled — called also bonded whiskey.

Number 5 is the one that we’re looking at. With a bond, you make a agreement to pay the money. It’s kind of like an I.O.U., only with fees involved. The fees on a bond not only change per state, but also the type of bond. Most fees are regulated the same as any other insurance agency. That’s because the bond agency is actually a insurance company. You buy an insurance policy that you will show up in court on the day they say, at the time they say. If you don’t show up to court, the bond agency can be responsible for the total amount of the bail. That’s why they want collateral or co-signers.

So, Why should I get a bail bond if it’s going to cost me money?

There are a few good reasons to get a bail bond rather than pay the bail up front. First of all, it’s a lot of money. Some bails can be as much as $5,000,000. Not many of have that much equity, let a loan that much liquid capital. So buying a bail bond may be the only way to get out of jail. Secondly, even if you had the money sitting in the bank, do you really want to empty your bank account to see the sun a few more days. What are you going to live off of during that time, and what about paying your legal defense. Most often I would say, “Get A Bail Bond!” it just makes sense.

Are there different types of bail bonds?

Yes, bail bonds can be divided into 3 main categories, surity bonds, federal bonds, and immigration bonds.

Surity Bail Bonds

Surity bonds are what you normally think of when you think of bail bonds. If your in a local, county or state jail your probably looking for a bondsman to get a surity bond. When you purchase these types of bond, the bondsman puts up the entire amount of the bond and guarantees that the defendant will show up in court. Most states will discount the bail for bondsmen in order to lower their risk. These are the lowest of risk for bondsman. In most states the fees for these bonds are regulated by the state and range from 8 to 20 percent of the bail.
Just like buying a car or a home, the bondsman must ascertain his risk in the transaction. One of the ways that bondsmen lower their risk is with collateral. A bondsman may ask for security like valuables or real estate from the defendant or a co-signer.

Federal Bail Bonds

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, you’ll be needing federal bail bond. Federal bonds come with riders, add-ons to the agreement that you will show up in court. At your bond hearing you’ll be given a list of what the court expects of you while out on bond. These restrictions can limit your business activities, mandatory drug testing, and the notorious “Don’t leave town”, just to name a few. And again, if the defendants doesn’t fallow the restrictions, he may loose his entire bail.
As you can already see, these bonds are higher risk, and so the fees on federal bail bonds are quite a bit higher than surity bail bonds. And to add to that, not all bondsmen will handle them because of the risk.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are a special form of federal bail bond. They needed for an immigrant who is in custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This federal agency may place you in holding at a local or county jail, but you are still in their custody.
It’s believed that they are the highest risk if all the bail bonds because immigrants are not as tied to the area. They’re already trying to stay under the radar so whats one more thing to hide from. This added risk has caused a shortage in bondsmen that will issue them, and when they do, it’s at a premium. Your typical immigration bail bond can cost as much as 5% over the cost of a standard federal bail bond.

I hope that this has answered your question “What is a bail bond?”. If you have any other questions or need expansion on what was covered here, please give Luck Bail Riverside a call. We’re available on our 24hr bail bond hotline 24/7.

Suspicion of Sexually Abusing Child

Moreno Valley, High School Principal Arrested
The principal of March Mountain High in Moreno Valley was arrested in Yucaipa on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child under 14 years old.
Sean Michael McMurray, has been the subject of an investigation since February by the San Bernardino County sheriff’s. After a victim reported being abused during the years 2013 through 2015.

Someones going to need a bail bond!

The detective contacted McMurray and he came in to be questioned in Yucaipa. The news release states that the inteview didn’t go in his favor. He was arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Yep, I’m seeing a bail bond coming up soon.

McMurray, 42, of Riverside, was booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. His bail was set $1 million.
There it is!! $1 million, you know he doesn’t have that much on a principals salary. Time to get a bail bond. I hope he called Lucky Bail Riverside to get a bail bond. Lucky bail Riverside has agents throughout southern California.
Chris Weddle, spokesperson the Moreno Valley Unified School District, stated that they are attempting to notify parents and help students. They place McMurry on administrative leave and are ready to place him on mandatory unpaid leave if formal charges are filed.
Weddle also said that on-campus counseling service will be offered to students, parents, and staff.

I wonder if I should go there and pass out Lucky Bail Bonds Riverside business cards to the rest of the staff?

Anyone with information about the investigation or additional victims can call the sheriff’s station in Yucaipa, Detectives Division, at 909-918-2305. To remain anonymous, call the WeTip Hotline at 800-78-CRIME (27463) or visit the website at

What can you expect in a bail hearing?

Every judge will handle bail hearings differently. And your case will probably be different than the one before you. In a nut shell, the judge has to make the determination as to how much of a flight risk you are. Just as your bail bondsman evaluates the risk when issuing a bail bond. The judge will set the bail using guidelines set by the state, county or city depending on the crime, and take your flight risk into consideration.
Not knowing what to expect at a bail hearing is stressfull. Lucky Bail Riverside can help with all your bail bond questions. There’s different ways that it can play out when it comes to a bail hearing, but if the judge sees fit to release a person on bail, the judge has determined that your not a flight risk.

Posting bail may come with added conditions.
The judge may require you to stay in a specific place or at a specific address.
The judge may require you to stay in contact with police.
The judge may require you to stay away from witnesses involved in your case.

You may be denied bail if you were arrested while you were already out on bail, arrested while you were already out on bail, missed court in the past, or your crime is a violent crime.
Again Lucky Bail Riverside has been issuing bail bonds for almost 2 decades, we’ve seen it all. So if you have any questions about bail bonds, don’t hesitate to call us. Waiting can cost you! We’re committed to assisting you in any way we can.

Rancho Mirage Police Investigate DUI Traffic Collision

On April 20, 2018, around 8:51 PM, officers from the Rancho Mirage Police Department responded to an injury traffic collision on Bob Hope Drive, south of Gerald Ford Drive, within the city of Rancho Mirage. The investigation revealed that a white Dodge pickup truck traveling southbound on Bob Hope Drive, just south of Gerald Ford Drive, collided with a gray Ford Fusion. The driver of the Dodge, a Modesto Chavez, age 46 of Cathedral City, was found to have been operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Better call Lucky Bail Riverside to get your bail bond. After being medically cleared, Modesto Chavez was booked into the Riverside County Jail in Indio for driving under the influence of alcohol.

If your in Rancho Mirage or Palm Desert and need a bail bond, don’t forget Lucky Bail Riverside. Our bail bondsmen are trained to help get you out quickly. You can call our 24 hour bail bond hotline and connected to a bail bond agent immediately. Starting the process of getting you out of lockup as fast as possible.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Officer David Bush form the Rancho Mirage Police Department at 760-836-1600, or Crime Stoppers at 760-341-STOP (7867). The Rancho Mirage Police Department urges all driver not to drink and drive.

Moreno Valley Police Performed a DUI & Drivers License Checkpoint

On April 20, 2018 the Moreno Valley Police Department Traffic Unit conducted a DUI & Driver’s License Checkpoint. Located at Grant Street and Alessandro Boulevard the checkpoint led to 5 arrested for DUI. We hope that they called Lucky Bail Riverside for their bail, because they’re going to need us.

Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM 699 vehicles where screened. With the California average being 30% of fatal accidents involve drunk or drug-impaired drivers, it’s important that these checkpoints continue. And it’s good for the bail bond agents. Don’t get me wrong, nobody wants people to go to jail, but if your dumb enough to drive while under the influence in this day in age, I hope your smart enough to call Lucky Bail Bonds Riverside to get yourself out on bail.

Remember DUI doesn’t just mean drunk. It means any kind of impaired driving and in recent years an increase in drug-impaired crashes has plagued California. The Office of Traffic Safety aims to educate all drivers that “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze.” And the Moreno Valley Police Department supports these efforts wholeheartedly. You might see yourself needing a bail bond if you take prescription drugs and operate a motor vehicle. Especially if the drug has a label warning driving or operating machinery.

More checkpoints are planned by the Moreno Valley Police Department. Which means more arrest and more bail bonds. It’s part of their commitment to deaths and injuries on California streets and highways.
So remember, “Don’t Drive Drunk!”, or under any other kind of influence. But if you do, remember Lucky Bail Riverside to get you bail bond in Riverside County.

Report Drunk Driver – Call 9-1-1