What can you expect in a bail hearing?

Every judge will handle bail hearings differently. And your case will probably be different than the one before you. In a nut shell, the judge has to make the determination as to how much of a flight risk you are. Just as your bail bondsman evaluates the risk when issuing a bail bond. The judge will set the bail using guidelines set by the state, county or city depending on the crime, and take your flight risk into consideration.
Not knowing what to expect at a bail hearing is stressfull. Lucky Bail Riverside can help with all your bail bond questions. There's different ways that it can play out when it comes to a bail hearing, but if the judge sees fit to release a person on bail, the judge has determined that your not a flight risk.

Posting bail may come with added conditions.
The judge may require you to stay in a specific place or at a specific address.
The judge may require you to stay in contact with police.
The judge may require you to stay away from witnesses involved in your case.

You may be denied bail if you were arrested while you were already out on bail, arrested while you were already out on bail, missed court in the past, or your crime is a violent crime.
Again Lucky Bail Riverside has been issuing bail bonds for almost 2 decades, we've seen it all. So if you have any questions about bail bonds, don't hesitate to call us. Waiting can cost you! We're committed to assisting you in any way we can.

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